Avast Or Norton Which One Is Better?

Avast Or Norton Which One Is Better?

The number of malicious programs is increasing day by day. Which means it is necessary to have an antivirus software in your device. If you don’t want to spend money on the antivirus, at least try the free versions of antivirus. It will not only provide a shield to your computer but also safeguard the digital activities.

A malicious file can cause a lot of damage to your device. It can steal your data; corrupt your software can hijack your folder with the ransom and can cause malfunctioning to your device.

Norton and Avast both are top antivirus software which only differs in security plans. It is a difficult task to choose between them, so you should go for that one which is perfect for your system requirements.

Let’s see the suits provided by Avast and Norton:


Avast free antivirus (for Windows only)

Avast internet security (for Windows only)

Avast Premier (for Windows only)

Avast Ultimate (for Windows only)

Avast Security (for Mac only)

Avast Security Pro (for Mac only)


Norton Antivirus Basic (for Windows only)

Norton Security Standard (for Windows and Mac)

Norton Security Deluxe (for Windows and Mac)

Norton Security Premium (for Windows and Mac)

Now, let’s compare Norton and Avast according to some services:

Features: Avast security suits provide more features than Norton antivirus. For more details about the top features contact Avast customer service.

Protection: Both of the anti-viruses provide excellent protection from malware, spyware, and phishing. But Avast has better reviews than Norton.

System Impact: For this case, Norton is the winner. Norton’s system impact is a little bit less than Avast antivirus.

Interface: Norton provides a better interface than Avast. Contact Norton support phone number for more details.

Cost: The cost of Norton antivirus is less than Avast antivirus.

Popularity: For popularity, Avast is always an ace.

Now let’s compare the features provided in Avast and Norton suits:


  • Avast Free Antivirus: Avast is one of the most popular free antiviruses available in the market. It provides all the necessary features with some extra bonus tools like Wi-Fi inspector, software updater, and password manager etc.
  • Avast Pro: In this, you will get all the features of the free version with additional features like sandboxing, real site feature.
  • Avast Internet security: Avast internet security is the most popular suite. It provides you advanced firewall, an anti-spam filter, extra layer protection from ransomware and the features which are provided in Avast Pro.
  • Avast Premier: It provides you webcam security, data shredder, and automatic app update feature along with all the features of Avast Internet security.
  • Avast Ultimate: It provides you clean-up premium, Avast protection premium and, a VPN with all features of Avast Premier.
  • Avast Security: It is similar to Avast free anti-virus, provides similar features to Mac. It is also free.
  • Avast Security Pro: It provides you with Wi-Fi security and ransomware protection.


Norton does not have any freeware.

  • Norton Antivirus Basic:  It contains protection against malware, spyware, identity theft, viruses, and other online threats.
  • Norton Standard Security: It includes all the features of Norton Antivirus Basic with smart firewall, 100% refund guarantee if the anti-virus fails to keep device virus free.
  • Norton Security Deluxe: It provides all the features of Norton Standard Security with a web portal to manage your all devices, disc optimizer, file clean-up tool, and a start-up manager.

So these are some features by which you can choose the perfect antivirus for your device. For any suggestions, comment down below.