Check How Unique Is Your Content With Plagiarism Detector

Check How Unique Is Your Content With Plagiarism Detector

With the sudden boom of globalisation and technology, the world has come to your doorstep with just a click on the internet. There is no corner of the world no information under the sun that cannot be accessed with a bit of perseverance and the right clicks. All thanks to the internet and its huge far-reaching network. But what has been put at stake is far more precious, it is the virtue of originality and uniqueness. Plagiarism is a reality and an ethical crime that needs to be fought first-hand. But not all crimes are intentional and two people can have the same opinion on any given topic. It is, therefore, important to have a certain way to detect if ones’ presentation is unique. This is where the plagiarism software come into play.

There are much online free software as well as paid downloadable versions that can assist in this purpose. One of the most popular software is a plagiarism detector. One of the fastest and most reliable software it has an online as well as offline version. The downloaded version is Windows 10 compatible with a user-friendly interface. The online version is free and also extremely easy to use. Once you enter your content, the plagiarism detector software performs a deep search, matching your content word by word, phrase by phrase to other texts available across the internet and other databases. The search results are returned in less than two minutes. If your content has some copied sentences, then the results mention the source from which they have been copied. All you need to do is copy-paste your text in the dialogue box and click on ‘check plagiarism’ option. Since the search conducted is across millions of sites and databases, the results are almost thorough and accurate. Another feature is the ability to upload files directly if one does not wish to copy-paste text.  

The results are very easy to interpret. It will either say ‘100%’ unique or return a certain value of uniqueness while quoting the rest of the copied text along with its source. Another important feature of this software is that it respects the privacy of its users. No content copy-pasted or text file uploaded is leaked onto the internet. Plagiarism detector is, therefore, very popular among students, teachers, and writers because of all these features.

Another added plus is the ability to check if content from your website has been stolen by another website. All you need to do then is copy paste the URL of the website under question and do a search. So the applications of this simple detection tool are one too many. One of the best, easy, and quick search engines available online, this software knows its word policing well.

It is always best to avoid ethical issues when putting forth one’s content. It is our responsibility as writers to respect each other’s work and stay true to our own. Although remakes and retakes are a growing trend in today’s world, originality will never be out of fashion or appreciation.