Eyes From Above: 6 Benefits Of A Surveillance Camera System

Eyes From Above: 6 Benefits Of A Surveillance Camera System

Some of us might associate the modern surveillance camera systems with the pop culture sensationalism of the Big Brother TV shows, and the Orwellian warning that “Big Brother is watching.” Likewise, we might also experience a little unease if the first thoughts we summon of surveillance cameras are the “caught-on-tape” CCTV recaps of burglaries, drug busts, or illicit affairs aired on broadcast television. Our perception of CCTV cameras is then geared toward getting caught red-handed, being spied on, or being checked for anything that could be used against us.

But the functions of modern-day surveillance camera systems go beyond that, and perhaps it’s time we changed our mindset about those “eyes from above.” The truth is, surveillance camera systems have evolved as quickly as the market, and now encompass various applications outside of policing and public safety. CCTV cameras are now used in day-to-day functions like surveying processes within factories and industrial facilities, as well as transmitting footage from the field to the bleachers’ monitors in a sports stadium for a blow-by-blow account of gameplays.

The benefits of this era’s available surveillance camera systems lie in the fact that they are well-equipped, widely adaptable, and responsive to the needs of ordinary people, as well as law enforcers and business owners. Here’s a list of six key benefits that we hope will allow you to “see” the modern surveillance camera system differently.

Surveillance technology is now both highly advanced and affordable

It was once the case that only top guns could afford to surround their perimeter with quality CCTV cameras. But surveillance camera technology has improved by leaps within the past decade alone, and so has the fine electronic work behind each camera component. For example, miniature motors for precision camera motion greatly boost a camera’s capacity to swivel, shift, and tilt at smooth and precise angles. This technology isn’t inaccessible either—because market demand for surveillance cameras has skyrocketed in recent years, the prices for high-performance cameras are now not nearly as high as many prospective consumers imagine.

It’ll boost the security manpower you already have

For business owners who depend on security staff to carry out the human work of surveillance, a CCTV camera system will be of great help to them. Their property perimeters will be doubly guarded by human surveyors and by a well-equipped security camera system to back them up, covering any ground that is hard to inspect through the naked eye.

It lowers the likelihood for the occurrence of crime

It’s been widely hypothesized that the presence of CCTV cameras deters crime. One takeaway from a study done by Welsh and Farrington in Justice Quarterly (2009) was that CCTV systems were particularly effective in car parks, where they decreased crime occurrence by as much as 51%. It could very much be the case that thieves, burglars, and other petty criminals will be less motivated to try any funny business when they see a sign declaring that (CCTV) cameras are rolling.

It offers round-the-clock monitoring for a safe business environment

Surveillance cameras need not be employed exclusively for humans; the camera’s recorder can also be directed toward other machines. CCTV cameras may also be installed in factory or industrial settings to monitor individual manufacturing processes, such as cutting and welding. The footage can then be reviewed from time to time by staff to see if the factory processes comply with their safety standards. In case of a grave accident like an electrical fire, CCTV footage can also point toward where exactly the trouble started.

It bridges the gap between accidents and accident response

In a similar vein, surveillance camera systems can also be planted in areas that see a high volume of accidents, such as highway intersections and roads with blind spots. Agencies that work in public transport and traffic management can readily access footage of collisions, stop traffic light malfunctions, and the like. Then, they can use the footage as basis for accident response, and decision-making on road safety to prevent further accidents from happening.  

It could provide valuable evidence in dispute settlement

A surveillance camera system should help answer the simple question of “whodunit”—who the perpetrator is behind a breach in home security, money going missing in a restaurant, and other similar situations transpiring on a property. If the situation compels for a case to be filed against a party, CCTV footage will be valuable evidence in court.

And there’s the rub: modern-day surveillance systems serve not only big power players, but the common folk as well. The next time you are enjoying a nice day out in a park, shopping in a store, or transiting through an airport facility, consider these little wonders of technology that surround us from every possible angle to keep us safe and secure.