Know Why B2B E-Commerce Solutions Should Prefer Magento

Know Why B2B E-Commerce Solutions Should Prefer Magento

The requirements of B2B (Business to Business) solutions is very much different from that of B2C (Business to Consumer). Magento is a very swiftly growing e-commerce solution platform, which has succeeded to satisfy the needs of e-commerce stores around the world. The extensions of Magento definitely has a huge role in it. So it won’t be a matter of surprise if you find 1,00,000s of e-commerce stores built on Magento platform across the cyber world.

Let’s dig deep to know why Magento is a better choice for B2B solution

Consumer based pricing: Many B2B businesses treat their loyal customers differently and offer them with good discounts. Moreover, you will also find tiered pricing based on the order quantity. B2B e-commerce store also offers custom pricing to different customers by making use of the Magento extensions. Many businesses have been able to taste success with Magento and so for the same reason, now many businesses are taking their stores to the Magento platform.

Prices not displayed for unapproved accounts: B2B businesses can enjoy some amazing advantages because of using Magento. If an account is unapproved, then B2B e-commerce store can hide the pricing. The store can achieve this with the help of extension like NOT2 Order or by some coding. NOT2 can help the B2B store to stop placing the order of unapproved accounts apart from hiding the prices. You can better hire Magento developer to get the task done.

Credit limit and payment options: Most of the wholesalers and retailers who does business with B2B e-commerce store make payment on the monthly or quarterly basis. Many make orders on credit as per their relation with the e-commerce store. But for every credit, there is a limit. This has been achieved by the extension named Mavensoft’s credit limit. By this, any B2B e-commerce store can easily set a credit limit for different wholesalers and retailers through the admin panel. This way wholesalers can easily buy on credit, instead of making use of credit card payment gateways.

Account approval: At many situations, the B2B e-commerce store has to manually check the customer information and then approve it. This is very much required when the store gets a bulk order. Magento brings in a customer activation extension which the store can make use to approve the account.

ERP integration: Using Magento for your B2B e-commerce solution is a great idea as it makes the integration of ERP very smooth. For any big business, it needs to take care of some data like orders, inventory, products, etc. So now any B2B e-commerce store can easily integrate ERP system to their store just by making use of Magento API support. 

The extensions, as well as the features of Magento, provide flexibility to B2B e-commerce stores so that they can build up the stores in the customized way to suit business needs.