Manual Action Viewer – What It Is and Why Its Needed ?

Manual Action Viewer – What It Is and Why Its Needed ?

Manual Action Viewer is a new tool launched by Google that’s make your work easy to know when your website search engine ranking  get  effected by manual web spam action.

What  is new in this tool

  • This tool brings the perfection in email notification that Google sent you when they take manual action against your website.
  • By using this tool a website owner can check their website at any time.

Try Manual Action Viewer

  • First you need to go to Webmaster Tools
  • Click on “Manual Actions” link under “Search Traffic “ .

How it works

This tool will show existing problems under two heading

  • Site-wide matches
  • Partial matches(It means applies only to a specific section of a website)

If Google has not taken any action against your website, you should see a message that says “No Manual web spam actions found.”

See this example:

How it look like when Google take manual action on a  specific section for “User-generated spam”:

This example shows you a partial match . In this  case  you can see webmaster is facing the problem  with other people leaving spam on Webmaster can restore the ranking  of his blog & can also improve the user experience by fixing this issue.

Now you have no need to fill reconsideration request form  because Google has replaced this with Manual Action Viewer tool. After fixing  any  violations of Google’s quality guideline your next step is request reconsideration. You can only submit reconsideration request for your website  if your website ranking is down due to Google algorithm or bad link.