How To Promote Your Blog – Best Techniques And Tactics To Double Blog Traffic

How To Promote Your Blog – Best Techniques And Tactics To Double Blog Traffic

Hundreds of people try their luck by creating blogs every day but very few of them succeed in converting their blogs into some profitable assets. Have you ever thought that why other people fail in running their blogs successfully? Possible reason could be; lack of SEO knowledge, weak and foolish promotion strategies of the blog. And just because of the above mentioned reasons they fail to attract enough visitors towards their blog which eventually results in nothing but scrap.

In this piece of content, I will be educating you about some perfect blog promotion strategies (We’ll talk about blog SEO techniques in upcoming articles).

Instant Social Media sharing is a key

Some people think that sharing their content on social media platforms is useless because they are open source platforms where anybody can post anything but this is not the truth. It is worth posting your blog links to the social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Yelp

No doubt, these platforms are open source but all of them have high domain and page authority (which means Google trusts them). Another reason why you should post to these platforms is that millions of people use their social accounts on regular basis and you can easily attain their attention by posting your attractively written content.

Paid Content Promotion on Social Media

Almost every second person you meet uses Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn which is an outstanding omen for your blog. These social media platforms can help you promote your blog within economically affordable rates. As per my experience, Facebook is one of the best platforms from where you can even promote your content among your specific audience and region.

Use of VPN Could Be A Game Changer

VPNs could be a game changer for your blog. For example, if you are willing to buy an online marketing tool but you are not so sure about your privacy on that website and don’t want to use your real location or IP address while filling out their sales page then shouldn’t you use a VPN to avoid any trouble in future? Using a VPN can help you escape from being accurately monitored by third party. Moreover, you can also use VPN service to hide your IP address if you think that hackers might try to crack into your network while you are trying to promote your link in different social media or in blog comment boxes.

Updating Your Blog Keeps It Alive

Yes!!! Updating your blog frequently keeps it alive and running. In other words, whenever Google spider comes to your website it should process at least one new update. You can post maximum 06 articles per day without getting spammed by the Google but I don’t recommend posting this maximum number of articles in a single day. You should update your website at least once or twice a day. Check your blog regularly using free SEO Audit tool. Updating your blog on regular basis also keeps your possible audience engaged.

Important Content Strategy That Leads To Automatic Promotion

According to Google’s webmaster guidelines, your blog post should have a minimum number of 300 words if you really want to lie in top searches but writing such short content leads you in the middles of the big fishes (sky high competition). So what should be your possible strategy? Post longer content like 800 or 1000 words each blog post (I am not saying that articles with lesser words than 800 will not get ranked). Longer content engages your audience on the blog for a longer period of time.

Back linking – Back linking – Back linking

Just remember one rule while you try to get some external backlinks for your blogs i.e. get a backlink if and only if it is from a quality website having page authority more than 50.

You can get tons of backlinks in a single day but it alerts the Google algorithm and at the end of the day you are going to end up with a warning or a ban.

Comment Back linking –  Easiest Way To Get Backlinks

Most of the website will ask you to pay them if you really want to get a backlink ink from them but comment back linking will always be there to get you out of such situations. You can go to several related forums, blogs or websites and post links to your blog and make sure that comment also contains some useful or reasonable thing so that admin can approve it.

Email Marketing – Another Tool Another Strategy

This is only possible if you have got appreciate bale list of your subscribers in your database. Whenever a new visitor comes to visit your website you can ask him to subscribe their email for more updates and also make sure that you notify them about your new blog posts at least twice a week.  Different experiments have shown that sending blog post links to your email list can literally double your traffic.

In short, you can increase your daily traffic if and only if you are giving value to your audience. Always post relevant content and never mislead your subscribers.