A Quick Guide To Global Roaming Charges

A Quick Guide To Global Roaming Charges

If you’re a regular traveller, whether for business or pleasure, it’s important that you don’t get stung whilst using your mobile device when you are abroad. You don’t want to return home to find that those important emails or Instagram selfies have left a large hole in your wallet. If you are a business traveller you may have to do a lot of explaining to accounts.

What are roaming charges?

The term ‘roaming’ refers to using your phone while you’re overseas.

Previously, mobile phone users have been charged a much higher rate for using their mobiles when they’re in the EU than when you’re in the UK.

Luckily, changes in the law from 15th June 2017 mean you can use your monthly allowances of calls, data and texts while you’re in 28 locations in the EU at no extra charge.

Be wary

While this is great news – you still need to be careful. Not everyone knows if they are in an EU country or not. Check out this map https://handsetexpert.com/posts/global-mobile-roaming-charges-interactive-map.html to see what the charges are before you set off.

Also, make sure that you don’t go over your monthly limit and be aware that some sneaky operators lower your limit when you are abroad. It still helps to be careful – or use free wi-fi when you can.

Mitigate the costs

If you feel that you might go over then it might be a good idea to plan ahead and either buy a top-up from your existing network or consider buying a local SIM.

Keep up to speed

The UK government is planning to add 20% VAT to all roaming charges outside the EU and with Brexit it is anyone’s guess as to what will happen post-2019.

All the more reason to check outhttps://handsetexpert.com/posts/global-mobile-roaming-charges-interactive-map.htmland save while you can.