SEO Myths That Let You Think Once On Your SEO Techniques

SEO Myths That Let You Think Once On Your SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is a vast term to be explored and there are thousands of saying about SEO techniques. With the start of New Year let’s devote some time to check the health of your SEO strategies.  Search engine optimizers have different saying about everything: one expert say guest blogging is of no use, while there are number of optimizers who consider blogger outreach services is an important aspect to boost their website ranking.

SEO practitioners debate about a lot of concerns, so in this article let’s discuss some popular SEO myths we have heard so far.

No Value Counted For No-Follow Links

There is lot of hidden power in no-follow links, they have lots of value. It is quite awkward if your website have thousands of links but no one of them is no-follow, this is definitely appear wrong in front of Google and it would raise a improper flag. So this proves that no-follow have value and must have for your website.

Bounce Rate Of Analytics Affect Your Search Engine Ranking

When business owners found, high bounce rate in their analytics code, they start panic. Insatiable SEO practitioners take advantage of this and pitch them to lower their bounce rate to maintain their website ranking. Actually the truth is: bounce rate have no impact on search engine results, indexing or crawling.

Sitemaps Helps To Boost Your Website Ranking

As per Google’s SEO guide, XML site map just make easier for search engine to discover right page on your website, but it doesn’t mean that it help to boost your website ranking.

There are many people who know little about search engine optimization yet have lot of to talk about SEO myths and make the SEO selling junk from a decent mode of living. Another myth cracking article completed, but still after years we hear that same myths repeated again and again.