The Importance Of UX When Designing An Enterprise App

The Importance Of UX When Designing An Enterprise App

When business owners have new apps built for their company, they often focus on the wrong stuff. Cost, design, HTML5 and Angular 2 Development, and other details are important, but many have little or no influence on how well the app will be received by the public. However, one of the aspects that is the most important and overlooked when developing new apps is user experience, or UX for short.

User experience may be the single most important metric when judging an app. In short, user experience is all about how pleasurable your app is to your users. It will dictate how well your app will be rated and will ultimately have a direct influence on the app’s popularity with the public. You may have the best designed app on the market, but if it doesn’t offer a good UX to your users, it is pretty much useless. Here are some of the key reasons every web based business should put emphasis on user experience when designing any app.

Improves Client Fidelity

If your users have a bad experience with your app, they will have a bad opinion of your business and this could affect your whole brand in the process. This could translate to a loss of sales and time spent on an inefficient app. We’ve all had experience with terrible apps that were full of bugs that kept getting worse and worse after each update. And like everyone, unless the app is absolutely essential, it surely found its way to the garbage bin. Make sure that your app is cross tested, free of bugs and runs smoothly before you even publish it.

Reduce Customer Complaints

When new businesses build new apps, the last thing on their mind usually is customer service and complaints. Many business owners have the strange belief that problems will fix themselves on their own and that they won’t have to deal with disgruntled customers. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. One of the many advantages of having an app which provides a good UX is that you won’t have to spend precious work hours on customer service and working out every little thing that is wrong with the app. Furthermore, apps that have tons of technical issues are poorly received by the public and will leave a sour taste in the mouths of your customers.

Improves Sales

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of an app is to increase conversions. However, a poorly designed app could accomplish exactly the opposite. A mobile app should be designed with conversion in mind first, but an app that provides a good UX is most likely to increase traffic to your main site and increase sales. Not only that, but if your app provides a good user experience, word will spread rapidly and your app may become an overnight success through word of mouth.

Cost and other details shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind when building an app. It’s better to spend a little more on research and developing an app your customers will love and ultimately share. Whatever you do, make sure that you put the customer first and you will eventually reap the benefits of your efforts.