5 Best Free Moz Metrics Tools to Check DA, PA And Moztrust

5 Best Free Moz Metrics Tools to Check DA, PA And Moztrust

Moz free SEO tools are popular in digital marketing industry and relied upon by SEO, Marketers and blogger to ascertain the authority of domain or page. The popular moz metrics are Domain Authority ( DA), Page Authority (PA), MozRank and Moztrust.

Domain Authority is metric which tell search engine ranking score. Higher the DA better chances to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100.

Page Authority scores range from one to 100 and it indicate how well a specific page rank on search engine result pages (SERP) and is based on data from the Mozscape web index.

MozRank predicts link popularity of a domain. MozRank is calculated on the basis of inbound links from other domain. It is like transferring of raw link equity to page which get linked from another page on web which is giving link. score ranges from one to 10. Higher the Mozrank better it is.

Moztrust measure how worthy are links pointing to your domain or website. Instead of measuring raw link equity it give importance to  “trustworthiness” of the linking website. It means that your will be highly benefited by getting links from  highly trusted domains.

There are dozen of websites offering free moz metrics checker tools by making use of free and paid API provided by Moz. Here are the five best free moz metrics tools

Open Site Explorer

OSE owned and managed by Moz and you can explore various moz metrics. Use Open Site Explorer to identify link building opportunities. Research backlinks, identify top pages, view social activity, and analyze anchor text. For free you can check 4 or 5 sites after that it compulsory to get registered for further use of this tools. Registration is free but still it has limitation in use of this tools.

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CheckMoz a free moz metric tools to check DA, PA, MozRank and backlinks. CheckMoz is bulk moz metrics checker offering to check  100 domain  in one Go. Just add the list of domains in form and click, you will get the results. It has feature to download the results in Excel format.

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Bulk DA Checker

As he name suggest it ascertain the domain authority of multiple sites in one go. Also known as batch da checker, multiple domain authority finder, too many urls da checker. This tools is offering services from last 5 years and owned by Megrisoft. Bulk Da Checker check moz metrics like  domain authority,page authority, moz rank and ip address in one go. This website also offers other tools like Bulk Moz Metrics Checker, Bulk Google Index Checker, Bulk Google Cache Checker, Bulk Page Authority Checker, Bulk Alexa Rank Checker, Moz Domain Authority Checker, Moz Metrics Checker, Social Popularity Checker, URL Extractor, Unique Domain Checker, Password Generator, Smart Site Analyzer.

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Megri Bulk DA Checker

Megri tools offering more than 100 free tools for webmaster, SEO and bloggers. Megri Bulk DA checker is quite unique as it checks six different website metrics i.e Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Alexa Rank, IP Address and Google Index. It is limited to 25 domain in one go. It is the most reliable as compare to other.

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The SEO tools UK is a free collection of the domain, SEO, keyword, link, social, text, design an d hosting tools. The SEO tools bulk domain authority checker is an easy to use bulk DA checker tool to find the DA, PA, Moz rank, Alexa rank, IP address and Google Indexing of 25 websites in a single click. Webmasters, site owners can quickly analyze website SEO stats. You can download the results with Download CSV file option.

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So this is the list of best 5 and free moz domain authority checker tools. DA is an important SEO metrics to consider if you are thinking to rank your website in Google.