How Responsive Website Design Helps To Grow Your Business

How Responsive Website Design Helps To Grow Your Business

The extensive sale of smartphones has overtaken desktops across the world and by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, there are more and more users turning to smartphones and tablets for browsing the internet and for shopping online. This is an era of competitive digital technology and in this era, portability is the king. Therefore, it is important for businesses to use responsive website design for building user-friendly or rather mobile-friendly websites offering complete details about their products and services. Having a mobile-friendly website can help businesses in gearing up their brand image and in winning credibility throughout the market.

The Advantages Offered by a Mobile-Friendly Website

A responsive website design is one that possesses the ability to tweak itself perfectly to look and fit perfect on different responsive gadgets. Businesses sticking to such website designs no longer need to come up with separate solutions. There are several advantages of having a responsive or mobile-friendly website and they are as follows:

Increased Mobile Traffic to the Website

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Mobile-friendly website design does not have distorted images and the users do not have to experience sub-optimal site layout. Sites that are properly rendered on the smaller screens tend to have increased traffic which further helps businesses in making huge profits through increased sales. While there are businesses that like going for separate versions of their individual websites for the mobile users, an approachable design is gaining huge popularity mainly due to the fact that it provides greater versatility and that too at a very low development cost.

Quick Mobile Development

Coming up with an approachable website design takes  very little time. The time taken to develop an easily accessible website design is lesser than developing a stand-alone mobile application along with developing a desktop version of a site. Therefore, it can rightly be said that developing a responsive web design is less time-consuming and since time is money, the entire procedure is cost-effective at the same time. initially, the investment that needs to be made in coming up with an easily accessible and user-friendly website design might be a little expensive but site owners can end up making huge savings because of low maintenance .

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a completely separate mobile website requires additional support and testing. However, the procedure of approachable website design makes use of standardised testing techniques ensuring optimal layout on each and every screen. Possessing different mobile and desktop websites also requires two separate content plans, two design and development teams and two organisational interfaces. The approach of responsive design is one size fits all and this approach brings in less headache and stress for the consumers, the business owners, and the developers at the same time.

Consolidation of Business Promotion Efforts

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Responsive design is recommended by Google as one of the best practices for businesses. Serving as one of the most well-known search engines, Google explains that the websites with responsive design can be browsed easily and they have the capability of performing more favourably in the search results.

Responsive website design involves using the same design elements throughout different platforms. Proportion-based, fluid and flexible images and grids ensure that a website is optimised for delivering what the customers are on the lookout of and that too right on the gadgets in their hands.