Which CMS Is More SEO Friendly?

Which CMS Is More SEO Friendly?

Content system management and search engine optimization tend to work significantly hand in hand when it comes to proper marketing throughout the internet and creating a specific, successful brand.  Today, we are going to be discussing which types of content system management are more search engine optimization friendly.


This programming software holds the reputation for being one of the best SEO driven CMS programs out on the market.  The key factor in which makes MODx so different and stand out is the fact that a person doesn’t need to make site alterations in order for their site to accomplish well, as well MODx doesn’t require plugins.  So, what MODx does is allow each user to have full, 100% control with output with truly, no exertion!  With MODx, it only takes minutes to build anexcessive website in which performs quite astonishingly well inside the search engine optimization world.  Keep in mind that because you are in 100% control, a user has the option to alter the site output at any time.  In fact, MODx in the present day is continuing to grow with stability and popularity as each new version is released.


This program is quite new and fresh to the CMS world, but has industrialized quite the popular reputation simply based upon its functionality and comfort of usage.  The sites from Concrete5 actually perform very well within the search engines, as well the pages can be modified in order to include all of the necessary metadata upon defaulting.


Ever since the 1.6 version came out, Joomla has actually turned things around, including the introduction of a ton of search engine optimization enhancements!  Joomla is accompanied with great, search engine friendly URL’s, as well custom metadata per page and Joomla has the reputation for being one of the superlativesoftware design sites to go with.


This programming site is quite like WordPress and trusts very severely upon plugins in order to properly enable SEO functionality to the fullest measures.  A great element about the Drupal sites is that they on average, tend to function quite well upon default and with the addition upon the correct modules, this as well can become very influential.

Blogger (eBlogger)

This is quite the popular blogging website via the Google platform!  What eBlogger provides is a quite modest and clean boundary which will lend into the world of great blogging platforms and when linked up with a program called Google AdSense, a blogger can even find income with their articles via eBlogger!  This site is mainly set up for blogging and nothing else, really.  One key factor in which makes eBlogger so delightful is that if you happen to have one or two products in which you are wanting to feature with the structure of your blog, there is actually a shopping cart of plugins which will allow you to actually go in and set up your website for apartial e-commerce functionality.


This site is actually now owed by Ebay and is quite the popular open-source e-commerce resolution.  Magento is quite like WordPress in regards Magento grants out the opportunity to choose from many various themes.  This site actually outfits modules and these modules offer out quite the similar features in regards to using WordPress plugins because the user is able to have access to a library of plugins, actually!  Keep in mind that since Magento is an open-source, a lot of diversedesigners can have access to the encryptions, build and actually advance upon the many plugins.