Common Creative Search Images To Get The Best Creative Images

Common Creative Search Images To Get The Best Creative Images

People or students engaged in creating multimedia projects generally get tempted to using the option of Google Image search for getting hold of the best images that can be used for scoring higher grades. They usually choose the very first image that they see. But, it is important for people specially students to understand the importance of respecting the rights of the copyright holders. This can be done by making use of creative commons images by way of utilizing common creative images. Some of the best and the most creative search engines that can be used for getting images in excellent quality are as follows:

imageTXT Simple Image Tools provides many free images tools from Free images search to generating photo effects, adding text to images as well as image crop and re-sizing.  These are Free image tools which are very easy to use.


Morgue File

This search engine offers free photos possessing a license to be remixed. Morgue File collection of photo consists of innumerable images that can easily be used absolutely free of cost in commercial and academic presentations. Collection of images can be searched through subject categories, ratings, colors and image sizes. This search engine works more than just being a good source of getting free images. It also features a so-called classroom where the visitors can acquire the skills and learn the techniques of photography and they can even get useful tips on image editing.


This search engine for images has been specifically designed for helping bloggers and other people in quickly citing, finding and even using the images licensed under creative commons. The search results on Wylio return images listed with creative commons license. This search engine for free images makes it very easy for people to offer proper credit to the image creator by providing the people with the html code including the attribution. The only thing that is needed to be done is copying the code and pasting it into a webpage or a blog post.

Photos 8

This is a great platform for getting innumerable images within the public domain. The impressive services provided by this search engine rank it high in the list of common creative images. The images on this creative search engine can easily be used for almost all purposes suiting the requirements of students and professionals. You can get hold of a total of twenty-two categories of various images. Out of these twenty-two categories, the largest collections are those of sunsets, animals and birds.

Google’s Advanced Image Search Option

Google’s advanced image search option can be used for getting hold of images that can conveniently be remised or reused for different presentations. This creative search engine is packed with different types of images available in almost every category that people generally look out for.

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images feature a similar option like the one available with Google. It is probably one of the best search engines for getting hold of creative images. When using he image search tool from Yahoo, you can easily select filters for refining the results for showing only the images which are licensed and not the ones which have a copyright. Available filters help individuals in selecting images which can conveniently be used for remixing or for commercial purposes. Therefore, it can rightly be said that Yahoo Images is one of the best common creative images for getting hold of images.

The Bottom Line

From the above illustration, it can rightly be concluded that the common creative images are actually the best in the market and they have always stood as per the expectations of the users. You can use them for all your commercial presentations and academic assignments as well.