Getting Started With Guest Blog Posting

Getting Started With Guest Blog Posting

Being successful in an online enterprise requires you to do a large number of things, but without a doubt one of the more important ones is the increase of your popularity, or your online visibility if you will. What precisely does that mean? Well, in any kind of business you need to build your reputation and get yourself noticed by potential customers. While in the real world there are aditions established long ago and anyone who wants more visibility basically needs to pay for various types of commercials, whether they are billboards of one­ minute advertisements.

In the virtual, online world however, things are a bit different; there is a conveniently large number of ways to increase your presence, with one of the more effective ones being guest posting. For those who don’t know about it, guest blog posting is the practice of posting articles on blogs and websites (certain website owners enable this feature, others, understandably, don’t).

Here are six tips to help you getting started with guest blog posting

Make a List

Your first step needs to be to make a list of blogs pertaining to your niche in which the owners have allowed visitors to guest blog post. This can be easily done by look for the best blogs pertaining to your nice using your search engine of choice. Once you have found between ten and twenty blogs fitting your criteria (this is just for a start, once your business will expand so will your ability to produce spread even further), start reading the various posts and leave comments from time to time. After a few days, you’ll have enough feedback (or a lack of negative feedback) to help you decide whether or not the people who go on that blog will appreciate your ideas.

Look Where Others are Posting

One of the surest ways of finding good places to write guest blog posts on is by looking where recognized guest blog posters choose to do it. Simply look for whoever posts are the most well- received in the blogs you have written down in your list, and then simply look for that author’s username with the help of Google. Simply look at the blogs they choose to post in to and keep track of those; surely, those who have to come to do guest posts frequently have mastered the art of finding the best places for them, and chances are they keep coming back to them with regularity.

My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest is one of the most useful forums you will ever come across as it basically allows aspiring guest posters to publish their content for bloggers to see. When blog owners see posts they like, they request the author’s permission to use them on their blogs. Needless to say, this is one of the most effective ways of getting your writing noticed, as all you need to do is publish your content and wait for someone to show their interest in it. Some bloggers also publish guest blog posting opportunities, meaning your chances of finding a place for your content increase even further when using My Blog Guest.

Outsource Your Guest Blog Posting Content

When guest blog posting, you will want to write up as many articles as possible, and unless you are a good writer, you probably won’t have the time or the capabilities to dish out high quantities of presentable content. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to fix that problem, and one of them is to outsource the writing aspect of it. There is a great number of websites out there, such as iWriter for example, where you can post whichever work you need written and have professional ghost writers take care of it for a relatively small fee. This will allow you to get large amounts of high­quality content, and thus give you the materials you need for dozens, perhaps even hundreds of guest posts; rest assured, the money you spend on them is more than compensated for in terms of the exposure and attention you are going to receive.

All in all, when done right, guest blog posting is an extremely effective way to build up your presence on the internet. Just remember to keep on posting high­ quality content without being spammy posting bad content all the time will quickly ruin your reputation. Pace yourself and invest the resources necessary to make articles people will actually want to read, and you’ll be seeing your influence expand steadily.

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