Common Printer Issues With Their Fixes

Common Printer Issues With Their Fixes

The printer is a peripheral device that provides you with an impression on a paper of texts and graphics. The printer is an essential device not only for office workers but also for home users. People use the printer for printing important documents, making school and college projects etc.

Sometimes you may face some basic issues while using a printer. Here I am mentioning some common issues with their respective solutions:

  • Slow printing: If you are feeling your device is working slow, then try running your device in a drift mode. But there is a drawback of using the printer in a drift mode. If you use your printer in drift mode it will increase the speed of printing but the print is usually less vibrant. But it is not bad for printing texts. Using printer in drift mode will save ink and toner. Turning on the draft mode depends on the model of the printer. You can open drift mode in most of the printers by select Print and Properties. Choose the settings which reduce print quality.  For HP printers you can change the quality of print from Normal to Fast Draft. Use your printer in drift mode for texts printouts and turn the setting back for vibrant printouts.
  • Horizontal lines on print: You may get horizontal lines in your print, this mostly occurs due to the clogged print head. This is a common issue in inkjet printers. The utility program of your printer can help to clean out the dried ink clogging in the print head. Go to the Devices and Printers>Settings. Go to the printer’s utility application and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are still getting the horizontal lines or spots, it means there is some problem with the cartridge. Take your device to a good repair shop. You can find many Printer repair shops just by searching for Printer Repair Shop Near Me. Check the reviews and rating of the repair shop before walking out to the shop. You can contact Printer Repair in Gurgaon for resolving all types of issues related to the Printer device. They also offer remote services.
  • The printer is not working: This is a major issue and can have many reasons. Here are some solutions to this problem:
  1. Check the paper in the tray.
  2. Check the ink in the cartridge.
  3. Disconnect the printer from your computer. Restart your device. Plug-in again

        If you are still not able to print, then get the professional help.

  • Continue paper jams: You might get paper jams for many reasons. The very first step should be to take is to check the paper tray. Open your printer and remove all the dust or garbage from it. You may also face this issue due to the overfilled tray. If you get into a paper jam then try removing and inserting the paper again. If you are using a thick paper then insert the paper manually to avoid paper jams.
  • Low-quality print: The printing quality depends on the quality of the paper as well as the quality of the ink cartridge. Check the print settings. If all the settings are correct then try to check the cartridge. If you are not familiar with the cartridge then taking professional help is advisable.