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Perfect Guide To Scale Up The WooCommerce Performance

Perfect Guide To Scale Up The WooCommerce Performance

Woocommerce is a perfect platform for the site maintainers to earn a good income with perfect planning and proper planning to maintain the website with regular checks and updates. There are always problems while loading pages and sometimes the pages load too slow which may irritate the customers. Another issue that can be observed frequently with the woocommerce is its user interface, and it will be difficult for the customers to locate the old search whenever they return to the website.

Another major concern will be at checkout where due to bad performance in the website maintenance may lead to piling of extra shipping charges on the products bought by customers. Sometimes suggestions to buy extra products or similar products may also slow down the website performance. All problems like these will instantly affect the customer’s trust, and it is important to rectify these changes and come up with the necessary measure to scale up the woocommerce performance. Following are some of the guidelines that will help out the woocommerce site owners to increase the performance of their e-commerce site.

  • Focus on the speed of the Website Front end: Improve the Website front end side which is available for the user to see through the website and use the website directly. Especially, Woocommerce site needs to be more seamless and should have more enjoyable customer experience to make them feel comfortable to shop on the website. One needs to give more time to the site management and front-end development. This will affect the speed of the website and gives more power to the user interaction on the website. As the front end is the place where customers interact with the website, it is important to make sure this interaction is fast, and customers can easily access all the required toolbars easily from the user interface. Also, make sure to provide necessary messages and notification with the customer to ensure the proper working of the website and also to increase the customer’s trust over the website.
  • Choosing the dedicated hosting platform: Managing the site traffic is another big task that has to be taken care in order to give the best experience to the customers. If the online store is pretty big and has good growth over the years, it will attract good traffic on to the site that can’t be managed by normal hosting, and it may lead to slowness in the website. Hence, dedicated hosting services to the woocommerce store will help the owner to manage the huge traffic and also super fast services. Although woocommerce is a wordpress site at its core, the WordPress site also requires WordPress cloud hosting services in order to manage the huge visitors on to the website.
  • Woocommerce is not WordPress: Although Woocommerce is wordpress at its core as it is basically a plugin of the WordPress, Woocommerce has its own functions and implementing some special WordPress functions may lead to a lot of problems in the website. One such issue is caching problem which stores a lot of temporary memory which may end up slowing up the website. Another issue is plugin overloading. Using too many plugins will lead to slow loading of the web pages which will irritate the customers. So, it is important to have proper maintenance of the woocommerce website than just simple settings of the WordPress site.

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