Content Marketing In 2015

Content Marketing In 2015

One of the biggest challenges for content marketers in 2015 is to make their content stand out from an ever increasing crowd. Consequently, utilising a variety of different methods will be necessary for success in 2015.

Improving Customer Relationships, Boosting Brand Awareness

A poll by Smart Insights suggests, in 2015, that nearly a third of marketers think content marketing will be the most important digital marketing trend which includes good quality content writers, in terms of commercial value. Among the major aims of content marketers for 2015, the poll found, were improving customer relationships and improving brand awareness.

Less Text and a More Visual Approach

In an attempt to keep pace with the digital revolution, content marketing has changed markedly in recent years. Rather than opting for traditional, lengthy reports, content is now increasingly being delivered in a more concise or visual form. With so much information on the internet in particular, it’s recognised that getting the attention of a specific audience now involves making an immediate impact more than ever.

More Diverse Ways of Producing Content In 2015

Text certainly has challengers in terms of the most effective way of delivering content. This can be seen by the popularity of YouTube content. Audio, too, can be highly effective way. But, ultimately, the combination of everything – video, audio, graphics, photos and text should be utilised to give content the best chance of diverting people’s attention from competitors.

Popular Tactics for 2015

Social media is the preferred tactic of choice for content marketers in 2015, according to the Smart Insights poll, followed by eNewsletters, website articles, then illustrations and photos. Videos are the next most popular tactic. While, in-person events still rank quite highly in sixth place, which is one place above blogs. The variety of methods that content is displayed is not enough by itself, but it also needs to be promoted in a wide range of new ways, too.

A Bigger Emphasis on Analytics

Judging how effective content writing services is a major objective of content marketers in 2015. Analytical tools are a big aid in determining the effectiveness of content, and so content can be easily adapted when one approach results in minimal impact. As always, having a clear focus with specific goals in mind is essential. But, the ways of achieving these goals looks set to be ever changing in 2015 and beyond, as the way content is viewed also continues to evolve.