Fast Guide To Managing Social Media Campaigns For Webmasters

Fast Guide To Managing Social Media Campaigns For Webmasters

As a webmaster, managing social media campaigns on top of all the other aspects that are involved with the smooth operation of your website can become yet another one those time-consuming tasks. Some webmasters don’t have the money to invest in software to manage their campaigns, so they feel the best way is to do everything manually. However, have you thought of the amount of time software could save you or time saved using social media time hacking?

Sometimes software is the best investment to make sure you have time to do other tasks. Yet, we understand that some people are on such tight budgets that they need to concentrate on dedicating their budget to other aspects of developing their website or business idea.

Looking for Social Media Time Hacks

Using analytics to track how successful your social media campaign has become is free. Facebook, for example, offers its own free analytics tools, plus Google Analytics also offers its free website traffic tool so you can track Facebook and other social media visitors being filtered through your sales funnels to your website.

Make sure that you understand how to use these free analytics tools. If you are not using any analytics for your Facebook, then there is little chance you can manage a successful campaign or you could be missing areas of your social media campaign that could be improved.

Rather than teaching yourself check out or of course go to YouTube for training on how to best use these tools with Social Media if you have not already done so. You will always find helpful ways and time hack suggestions that will give you, as a webmaster, areas to look out for when setting up your Social Media Campaign.

Getting a Headstart In Social Media

One of the biggest time hacks when it comes to social media is buying likes and followers. That being said, this can go horribly wrong if you hire the wrong people. You need to make absolutely sure that you hire a reputable company to do this for you. One such company is They are a French managed operation that offers services in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and English.

Why would you buy likes and followers?

The main reason for buying likes and followers is to give your social media campaign a headstart. Sometimes when people see that you only have a few likes or followers, they may not feel your brand is big enough to put their faith into. On the other hand, they see a lot of people like or follow your business, and they suddenly feel confident about your brand.

It is like a YouTube video in many respects. People will see a video with one or two views versus a video with 10,000 views. Yet you watch both videos and the one with the least number of views is actually far more interesting. However, this is because it is in your nature to research. Other people are not so inquisitive and will only watch the video with 10,000 views and ignore the video with only a few views to its name.

The same principle applies to online marketing via Social Media. People tend to gravitate towards the sites that have the largest number of likes, followers, and so on. Therefore, buying social media likes and followers is a great way to give your social media campaign a headstart in order to attract more likes and followers down the line.

This also aligns your website with competitors that have been in the market for years already – others may compare your social media, and as long as your site has a reasonable number of likes and followers, people are more likely to take your proposition more seriously.

In the end, we looked at two main time hacks here. One is to learn analytic tools so you can understand how your Social Media campaign is performing. Otherwise, you could be wasting a lot of time on a campaign that does not work. Lastly, we looked at how buying likes and followers for your campaign can help speed up your social media campaign.