CORE Website Design

CORE Website Design

Core Communications specializes in high quality, unique website design for individuals, businesses and educational institutions .

Are you looking for ideas on the big stage or established business with dreams of selling products all over the world, we work closely with our customers through unique website design and development process.

website development solutions

Planning and location of the start of execution to the end of the detailed web development process provides a solid foundation on which to build internet marketing. We offer you a number of design concepts and user-minded site architecture that provides a solid foundation for marketing your business online.

XHTML & website design

XHTML structure and semantic markup and CSS for submission. We take great pride in creating sites encoded using the recommended specifications set out by the W3C. Adherence to web standards to improve the areas of flexibility, resulting in a less code, improving accessibility makes the site more search engine friendly, and streamline maintenance.

site maintenance
Core services go beyond the initial development.
Database Management

Today’s marketing is becoming more and more database driven. How do you keep customer leads and website design information to make a better one-to-one marketing campaigns? As you begin to market to your customers and clients, database size and quality increase of complexity.

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