Developing User-Friendly Site For Your Online Biz

Developing User-Friendly Site For Your Online Biz

According to a report dated May 2017, the search engine giant Google has a market capitalisation of US $680 billion while the e-commerce giant Amazon has US $476 billion market capitalisation. We believe, these two figures are enough to raise your eyebrows. Having said that, we mean, the reach of internet has been phenomenal in recent years and the trend has been continuing especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries around the world.

The increasing number of smartphone users worldwide has contributed further here. Therefore, the use of Magento enterprise design has been in demand in major parts of the world. You should know here that Magento is the best ecommerce platform and it is also the market leader as on date.

They say there’s no smoke without fire. This aptly fits here. You too will agree here knowing the coveted benefits of Magento enterprise version. Here is a list of benefits when you use the Magento enterprise design for your e-commerce site.

  • Superior store design: When a visitor hits your webpage, the very first thing that seduces him is the overall getup and feel of your site. However, the feel starts with your landing page that is by default the online store of an e-commerce site. Having said that, we mean, when you develop e-commerce site on Magento, your online store becomes one of the best stores in the world. Visitors can easily navigate here and find products of their interest. On top of it, they can explore new ones sequentially displayed there. You know what this liking results in spending more time on your site by the visitors in general and thus, it increases opportunities to sell to them.

On top of it, once a visitor is convinced to buy something from you online, based on the product performance, price, and delivery, for instance, visitors turn into an approver for your site. Thus, the visitor helps you create a bunch of loyal customers and this is far more rewarding than anything else in the retail business. After all, acquisition of a new customer is always a costly proposition compared to retaining the one who’s already your customer.

  • User-friendly design: There is a growing trend of internet access through the handheld devices such as smartphones. Hence, it is important for you to develop user-friendly designs of your site so that it runs flawlessly any device. In other words, the visitors on the move to your site must also have a seamless experience while accessing the same through the handheld devices like the cellphones.   
  • SEO optimisation: Your ecommerce site built on Magento offers the opportunity to adopt and alter the best SEO practices in business.  
  • Online Google services: Having said this, we mean, when you develop a site on the Magento enterprise version, you have the merit of accessing multiple services from the search engine giant Google such as the Google Analytics on your site. This goes rewarding you anytime soon for sure.   

Likewise, you can find some more advantages of using Magento enterprise design for your site. Knowledge by experience stays on your side. Why do you not develop your site on Magento first and know the rest on your own? After all, migration to any other platform from Magento isn’t difficult either.