Digital Marketing Solutions: What Is Marketing Automation And How Can It Help You Gain An Edge Over Your Competition?

Digital Marketing Solutions: What Is Marketing Automation And How Can It Help You Gain An Edge Over Your Competition?

Marketing has been a staple in companies’ business models for years. Without the ability to put your business out there, many would not be drawn to the services or products you provide. Because of this need for businesses to be seen, marketing has evolved into a multi-billion dollar sector, completely equipped with its own umbrella of roles, terminology, and scientific findings.

Companies seek longevity in an ever-changing society. They need to stay in-tuned with what their customers wants, needs, and future decisions are. If businesses ignore this vital role of marketing, they may run the risk of losing their business. Or worse, going in the hole financially.

Technology has taken the traditional poster and turned it electronic. Our marketing solutions in the modern day have given companies the ability to reach potentially millions of individuals with the click of a button. From social media platforms to specially developed applications, businesses truly need an entire marketing team to handle their accounts. However, there came a time when companies needed something to automate their frequently used content. Instead of wasting countless hours copying and pasting already created content into a new platform, engineers and tech enthusiasts decided to do something about this problem. Out of these new developments comes the theory of marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation in a nutshell is unique software that allows companies to correspond with their potential clients, through personalized content, with the hopes of creating customers. It’s focus is return on investment as these automated forms of communication are sent with the intent of client conversion. In order to nurture potential customers and allow them to grow into your company, business leaders need something consistent and useful to assist with this process. Here are some of the basic processes that marketing automation software covers:

Database Provisions: Companies are nothing without data, especially when it comes to documenting customer history. Automation software places your businesses marketing data in one handy folder that is used to communicate and analyze each potential customer. This makes the nurturing process easier as marketers are able to find all of their customers’ data in one handy spot.  

Engagement Engine: Engagement is the primary means of creating a brand. People want to feel like they are involved in your company. This is why businesses spend thousands of dollars on their social media presence. Marketing automation software allows users to manage conversations and alert managers of possible threats. This is essential because as a business owner, you never want to miss a beat with your customers needs. Through carefully tracked information, marketing leaders are able to gather important data to be analyzed. It is almost like the “psychology of marketing.”

Analytics: Analytics are so useful in understanding when to post, when to engage, and when to launch your product. Marketing automation gives users the ability to optimize their returns, analyze the process, and brainstorm new ideas. For example, the unique engine found within the software can show which posts did the best and which flopped. This allows the content curators the opportunity to see what their audience is drawn to and what they are not. This also coincides with product production; users are able to measure how their product or service did this year in comparison to last.

How Can Marketing Automation Help a Company?

Since our society is based on technology, it is only safe to conclude that businesses could benefit from implementing smart software. One of the primary reasons why marketing automation works is because it allows businesses to track and measure their behavior. They can have a statistical demonstration of which post, product, demographic, and time works for their company. They are able to communicate fully with their interested patrons to essentially convert them to customers.

Marketing automation software revolutionizes the way companies interact with their clients while leaving no room for error. A recent prediction placed by IBM stated that, “By the year 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.” With marketing automation, messages can be sent instantly to the masses without employees having to sit and send hundreds of personalized emails or texts. For example, a company can draft templates that can be sent to their entire email list within seconds. This saves time and money, and increases productivity. In addition, this increases a company’s chance of expanding their reach.

In addition, marketing automation can help with monitoring customer issues. If a customer writes a bad review or is experiencing a problem, the software is able to detect that and send it over to the administrative team. Now, business owners are able to hear firsthand their customers experiences and gripes. This gives them the opportunity to know what to change and what works. By understanding what your unique customers want, you are able to build a lasting relationship with them.

In addition, this software is able to create targeted campaigns that work to optimize engagement. Instead of mass emails or messages, individuals are able to receive a personalized message through marketing automation. This nurturing element makes customers feel special. In effect, they may remember your business when the time comes for their needs to be met. Forbes stated, “In practice, this means the death of the ‘email blast’ and the rise of better segmentation and messaging designed to appeal to specific customer sets.”

Staying Relevant is Key

With trends changing daily, it is hard to stay current with what’s on the market. Marketing automation can keep track of what your customers are talking about to detect future trends. This can keep your business up to date and relevant in this ever-changing society. By being able to analyze your customers from a scientific perspective, you are increasing your chances of providing for them what they truly want. This intelligence gives you an incredible shot above the competition.

The business world is full of competition and ever-changing needs. As fickle customers jump from one brand to the next, it is hard to maintain longevity. However, by incorporating smart software into your marketing plan, you are able to fully understand the science behind your success. Marketing automation is not a waste of time or money. In fact, its quick processes can help your team to reach its intended goals. With revenue and reputation at the forefront of your business, you will surely become a success by implementing marketing automation into your plan.