Improve Your Ranking While Setting Up A New Website

Improve Your Ranking While Setting Up A New Website

Just started your new business venture?Planning to go full swing by getting a new website created? Well, its not all that easy as it seems. There are many website design firms who are preying on you with their eagle eyes to pounce on you and get the contract done for your website designing job. They would surely promise you the moon and stars, show you dreamy pictures of your website becoming a top shot most visited website in less than 3 months, business growing multifold just by customer likes and so on. However, you need to understand what is best for your business goals and then finalize on a sensible agency for your website as well as SEO needs.

The tricks of the SEO industry has changed a bit in 2018 and you need to keep a few things in mind before starting full swing with your SEO plans:

Keyword is not everything; the focus is shifted to content now: Earlier we used to believe that stuffing keywords in an article / blog, which would direct the audience to your website would be the key to success for an online business. However in 2018, Google has started being antagonistic of such SEO boosting and overstuffing of keywords; now they are looking at ‘Content’ more than throwing keywords at the reader. Your flow of content and readable material is what Google is looking for and if you are successful in convincing your audience with the right content, you’ve hit the bull’s eye.

Mobile Responsive website is a must: Websites are no more only accessed via computers or laptops. Practically every person on the globe has,atleast one smart phone and is accessing all his data related information from his mobile. Having said that, if your website is not Mobile responsive; which means one has to zoom in and out several times to read the content effectively; then that’s certainly not a user friendly website. Most website designers these days, take this factor into consideration before getting a new website created; however its advisable that you reconfirm before finalizing.

Linking your Social Network to your website: Linking your social media networks to your website is critical, but positioning it correctly also matters a lot. Make sure you link it in the ‘about’ section of the website as well as in the website fields in the profile. Not every post in your social media profile should include you website URL and vice-versa not every website blog or article should have a mention of your social media handles. This is the latest 2018 tip that let the two reach out to your audience individually and spread a different message altogether rather than both harping about the same thing.

Conclusion: With trends and newer innovations, the audience reactions and behaviors are also changing and if you want to capitalize on that for your new website, then these tips will surely come in handy.