Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google, in addition to Google Analytics is a very useful and free tool for all bloggers and of course also for other owners and creators of websites – Google Webmaster Tools. This utility really helps us to analyze our site or blog, as we inter alia, the following important information on our website:
– The most common search queries – the words that users type into Google search engine and it was found that in our side, while it shows in what city or part to you, and any of these findings are Google users actually clicked
– Links to your site – shows all the pages on which there is a link to our site or blog
– Keywords – Google shows the words that appear most frequently on your site
– Sitemap – through this tool you can send Google a list of all our Brands and hence warn them and show the world that they exist at all.
These were some of the main tools over as this, they are quite a few others.

Follow the procedure on how to enter your site or our blogger in Google Webmaster Tools. The thing is quite similar to that of Google Analytics, as we have also copied the code generated by Google on our side, so as to prove that it is indeed our site or within our control.
In the first place we go to / webmasters / tools, and apply with a Gmail account. If we use this gadget for Google blogger, not necessarily to the same account.

When we get to the main page of tools, click on “Add Site …”, enter the complete URL address of the site (as pictured) and click “Continue”.

On the next page we offer two options Google verification is to check first with the meta tag, which only comes into play when Blogger and the other is the html file. In this case, Google creates a html file with a special name that you saved to your computer and upload in the first directory on the server where the index.

With the webmaster tool, you can not only check the errors in your website but you can also check how your website is doing in local business and then you can hire professional local business listing services to enhance it.

Thus, the selected meta blog, which will be copied to the html template Blogger in <head> section before the first <body> section. Ownership verification meta tag looks like this:

“><meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”q4U3jf9JzHOyKz9vx0rdSrr65p0EpG39v36xyXcbfHY” />

This code is always the same.