Web Site Development

Web Site Development

Website development is a very complicated service but rather that Website development, website repair and maintenance management is much more complex. What would be the most important task in website development? Well in website development client first associates with codes and coding of all important but will be just a matter of marketing, which includes both the page layout and design elements and SEO things that will be important if you want your website to sell services or products.

Website design – Domain Selection

Domain selection should take into account a few things!1) Select a domain that is easy to remember and not too long;

2) Select the domain which contain the main keyword. For example, if you intend to deal with a car rental, it is advisable that the domain name contain “car-rental”, but at the same time, do not install it on the primary condition.

Website design – hosting choice

Hosting choice is just as important as the previous point – if not more important, since it will depend on your web site further action. Once you have chosen a slow or hosting who occasionally stops working, your website may lose value, both human and Google’s eyes. Now in my opinion the best middle-class hosting are Hostnet hosting, hosting garmtech or nano hosting. In terms of price for one or two website maintenance you’ll have to part with an average of U.S. $ 2-3 / month.
Website Creation – Requirements Specification

Maybe the name is chosen too cute, as usual business cards or websites, you should not be consumed for several days to describe that which will explain in. Rather, it would be the website and its functionality cast, so you probably understand what you want. According to a web page developer choice you will be able to have this draft piekoriģēt the appropriate technical capabilities and programmer / designer recommendations. Such a timely manner will also help you understand the programmers and make website will be developed instead of 4 months, but 3 weeks or 1 month
Website creation – for a price quotation

However, if it will take 20 or 100 service providers in the survey, it will get in a much clearer picture and will be able to find a developer for the good feedback and the offer meet our available budget. Here you’ll ask me down and surveyed 100 companies that make up the website – but it is very time-consuming process? Fortunately there is a project that is created www.lasso.lv that enables simultaneous contact with 150 or even 200 in our areas of interest for entrepreneurs.
Website creation – Preparation of contractWebsite development and often is in dispute between the client and the client directly for the time period or less to any technical nuances. For example, the website developer requires an additional fee for the warranty period corrections that have been associated with incomplete development of websites. Exactly for such cases is for website development agreement between the two parties’ obligations and rights. Admittedly, the service contract protects not only the website owner from unnecessary expenses and waiting time, it also prevents developers from changing the client view or unwillingness to accept the project, although it is also consistent with the order specification.Once you have chosen a domain, paid hosting, conducted price surveys, understood the website you want, who you are with and develop the developer has entered into an agreement, then you can return to your normal routine and temporarily forget about the website, allowing a developer to do their job.