How Did Internet Change The Way We Live

Twenty-five years back, when a renowned computer scientist first discovered the powers of the Internet with the invention of World Wide Web, little did he know he had discovered the revolutionary technology which would change the very base of existence of a species called Homo sapiens! And now that 39% of the population is using the internet, it’s difficult to ignore the impact it has on the everyday life of the society. Shouldn’t you at least once reflect on the edge internet gives you over non internet users? There is certainly no doubt that internet technology has increased the connectivity of the people around the world… don’t have to wait for your loved ones to get a leave from their workplaces to meet you. They are now just a click away with social networking sites brimming like anything and the huge success of video chatting sites like skype, google hangouts. Friends are now always in a tiny little blue app in your phone. More people are now in contact with each other for professional purposes, or to find a solution to any problem. And what more do you want than the fact that internet provides you with the opportunity to have a peep into your idol’s life!

Internet has endowed politicians with their thrones. And as a magic wand for instant fame seekers, internet has minimized the efforts needed to be famous among your friends (pun intended!!!).Today, you have the key to information and texts in any language. All thanks to google translation.

Just a few years back people were amazed at the prospect of talking to someone with the wireless mobiles and look now – not a person there who is not boasting of the latest smart phone they just bought. They have actually, with the helping hand of internet, freed us of separate gadgets we had to carry for different purposes. Now you need not strain your brain for memorizing your friend’s phone no. or birthday. It’s like your personal diary. Very few would now dread travelling alone, with your travel guide always moving with you; no matter where in the hell you are lost, it will always drop you back
right in your house. Gone are the days when you would have to stare at the floor to keep you from dying in a long metro ride; passing your time was never so easy and fruitful before the birth of internet (of course the fruitfulness depends on you!) And who the hell cares about the time a “must watch” show is being telecasted. You can now go on with the entertainment without worrying about your office schedule. Online shopping has now achieved popularity and trust among the younger generation. No standing in long boring queues, no more getting up early in the day to get your updates about the world. Everything and anything from weather updates to the latest scores of a match -everything has been made so easy for you.

Internet invention has certainly changed it all. But we all know in the back of our minds that we hardly use it for any constructive purpose. Spending 3-4 hours a day socializing is definitely not a practical thing. Well, all I have to say is, technology exists for intellectuals as good as it does for like yourself to be described.