Free Bulk Google PageRank (PR) SEO Tool Analysis and Review

Google Bulk PR Checker is a FREE tool to Examine Google search engine page rank. Google Pagerank of several websites or webpages can be checked in one goes by this SEO tool. Though this SEO tool facilitates any variety of URLs to be examined in one go, in most cases limit is from 50 to 100 URLs for the benefit of fill controlling.


The following are the activity and avail of this totally free bulk PR checking tool:

  • Captcha Free
  • Fake PR Checker Fast Lookup
  • Choose between Fast or Slow lookup
  • Fast Lookup

Fast Lookup: Checks the multiple or mass PageRank and Credibility of 25 URLs under 10 a few moments (varies depending on Search engines question speed).

Choose between Fast or Slow lookup: If you don’t mind waiting categorized outcomes, use the ‘Slow’ choice. At periods, this can slowly down or freeze your browser.

Captcha Free: Unlike other 100 % free mass PR Tools,  ours is a large Page rank Checker without Captcha.

Fake PR Checker: Fake or hidden page ranking verifying logic is included in the PR query.

However, this webmaster  tool has some limitations as well. For example, at periods we will not able to run all guidelines to examine for the credibility of Pagerank. In such conditions we may still indicate the PR as bogus.

Sometimes the tool may review Fake web pagerank, if you don’t specify your ‘preferred URL format’ (i.e. with www or without as decided in your Google Webmaster tools owner resources or when the website is relatively very new). The outcome box may display the URLs in a different purchase than presented whenever asynchronous (Fast Lookup) reasoning is used.