List Of My Favorite SEO Tools

List Of My Favorite SEO Tools

Whether you are a marketer, webmaster or business owner, you know how important SEO is. And having the right tools will not only help you achieve good rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing, but also save you time. According this SEO guy from UK, you need to have a strong SEO strategy first before selecting the tools because only then will you know which is right for you.

So here are some of the tools which I have gathered for you. Feel free to let me know what you think.


–          Anchor Text Backlink Checker.  From the name itself, it seeks to confirm backlinks and the anchor text in the backlinks.

–          Backlink Analyzer.  Checks the link quality of the website, indexes, links, domains, Google PageRank, Alexa and DMOZ Listings.

–          Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer.  It has the same function as the Anchor Text Backlink Checker.

–          Backlink Builder.  It makes quality backlinks for SEO.

–          PHP Dir Submit. a web-based directory submitter software for submitting to link directories, article directories and social bookmarking sites.

  • Domain Popularity and Domain Stats

–          Domain Age Tool.  It shows the age of the website and gives you a view of what the site looks when it started.

–          Domain Dossier.  Seeks to make sure the domains and IP addresses are legit.

–          Domain Popularity.  Displays all the backlinks of the domain and the 10 subpages of each backlink domain, IP of the host, and Google PageRank.

–          Domain Stats Tool.  You can use MozRank checker to check the stats of other domains including Alexa Traffic Rank, Age of the Domain, WebRank on Yahoo, DMOZ listings, backlinks and indexed pages of search engines.

–          HTTP/HTTPS Header Check.  Checks the HTTP headers when asking for a URL.

–          View HTTP Headers.  Shows HTTP headers.

  • Google PageRank Checker, Adwords Keywords Tools, Google Banned Tools

–          Advanced Google Searches.  An essential tool for SEO most especially keywords.

–          Check Google Pagerank.  Checks Google Pagerank of any web page.  It does not require installation of Google Toolbar.

–          Check PageRank by Google data center.  You can use any data center for pagerank.

–          Free Google Adsense Keywords and YPN Keywords Search Tool.  Iotaweb gives publishers to look for keywords and phrases to market their site efficiently.

–          Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Displays similar and specific words from Google.

–          Google Banned Tool.  Checks for URL in the Google Database.  It will check if Google has banned you.

–          Google Keyword Ranking Tool.  Looks for keywords from the Google sites.

 –          Google Index Checker:  Used to measure the awareness and overall visibility of a website.

–          Keyword Density.  It displays the frequency of the word in a given content.

–          Keyword Density Checker.  Shows the percentage of keyword came about in a given content.

–          Keyword suggestion tool.  Helps in deciding the precise keywords to be used for your site.

–          Website Keyword Suggestion.  It seeks to provide you the theme and keywords of your web site.

  • Link Popularity Check

–          Link Popularity Check.  Used to measure the awareness and overall visibility of a website.

–          Link Validation Spider.  Checks Broken Links.

–          Link Value.  Gives the Link value in a month of a certain website.

–          Site Link Analyzer.

–          The Link Reputation Measurement Tool.  Analyzes the traffic analysis of the backlinks.

  • Search Engine Tools

–          MSN Live Indexed Pages Checker.  Checks indexed pages in msn Live search.

–          Search Engine Saturation Checker.

  • Social Web Tools

–          Delicious Link Checker

–          Open Multiple URL

–          Word Counting Tool

–          Digg Links Checker

–          Multiple Digg Links Checker

–          Twitter Links Finder

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