The Future Of Web Development In London

The Future Of Web Development In London

Web development is a budding business in London. Need evidence? Just type Web development London and you come up with a variety of London development agencies. With so many names in the business, the question certainly arises as to what is the course the web development scene in London is going to take forward? What are the trends in designing that we can expect to see from web development scene in London? The obvious answer is that Web developers in London cannot remain untouched by the trends all over the world. Hence, it would be safe to assume that the future of these professionals is linked with the future of global development business. Another option is web design Northampton which are also best website designer and give your site exclusive as well as attractive look.

Here we present you the global scenario regarding the future of web development. A brief commentary of the future of UK designers is also presented. Read away.

Rise of responsive designs

This is not so much a future as it a present. The popularity of smartphones and tablets mean that users will access web content from multiple screens. Web developers all over the globe have already started to adapt to this.

The future of web development in London cannot remain unattached from this trend. All the major agencies have started to include multiple platform designs in their package and freelance developers based on London are also upgrading their skills. Those who fail to adapt to responsive design are bound to be obsolete in the business.

Mobile tools will gain prominence

It is a matter of surprise that many websites still do not have mobile-optimization features. Various research studies suggest that more than a quarter of all website traffic originate from mobile devices. This figure is sure to increase in future. Mobile App and mobile-optimized web will be one of the biggest trends in future.

Web development agencies in London are bound to move in the direction of Mobile optimization. After all, London is one of the busiest cities in world and as the prominence of mobile increase, so will the traffic generated through it.

Freelance will still be there, but Local agencies will gain prominence

Yes, freelance will always be there. As long as freelancers continue to deliver similar goods in minimal price, freelancing will exist. But if recent trends are anything to go by, local agencies everywhere will gain upper hand over freelancers. As the complexity of business and its operation rises, demand for personalized service will rise. That is where the local agencies will kick in.

The London design agencies will follow the suit and will get more business locally. Web developers who are not competent enough and have only a small skill-set will slowly disappear.

Those were the major future trends that will gain prominence in the development scene. Responsive web and mobile tools will be the top two priorities of developers who want to stay ahead in the game. If the web development professionals in London are to prepare for the future, these two are the core skill sets they will need to develop as soon as possible.