Modern Website Development And Its Evolution Story

Modern Website Development And Its Evolution Story

Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented speed in the evolution of technology especially in the aspect of internet and communication as a whole. This speedy advancements have been part of the reasons why web development techniques are being pushed to level up with the level up with the level of sophistication being witnessed in communication today. Worthy of note however is that the change has not just affected the way websites are built, but virtually everything round us.

We’ve seen the injection of new methods and ideas into the aspect of web development, such that there seems to be something new, almost on a daily basis. This development has left quite a number of developers that have refused to update their knowledge with almost nothing to offer in modern development. Indeed technology is becoming even more sophisticated as the years turn.

Take a memory stroll to about a decade ago, you’d remember that all it took for a developer to come up with a fairly good and functional website that would be efficient in generating traffic as well as handling conversion was the basic knowledge of coding and a knack for a number of basic design.

Things have changed so quickly that it can be a total disaster to try to use the same methodology of the past in creating and designing a website, because of course to create a website today, a developer requires updated skills and knowledge of modern techniques.

Being able to integrate everything is the key to running a successful website that will easily be a standout in the business aspect and in fact every other aspects.

The Smartphone Era

Well, slightly over a decade ago, phones were not being used the way we use them today, seeing that a lot of upgrade has happened on the phones that we owned and used then. For instance, phones from the past were only capable of supporting some very basic websites that presented mostly texts with very few low quality images.

This ‘criterion’ specifically made developers lazy in upgrading their Graphic User Interface (GUI), since these devices could not carry something bigger or better.

Most web developers only had to create ‘primal’ versions of their websites, mainly for users of blackberries and high end Nokia’s of that time. At that time, people were  mostly using their PCs and laptops to access the internet because they were left with fewer options, but a lot has changed now.

With the release of smartphones came an almost instant integration. The internet gradually began to become handy, as people began to learn to access the internet on even cheaper Smartphones.

These days, developers and Web Designers have to factor their websites to be compatible with mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

As marketers and promoters alike begin to target the use of internet for driving conversion, it has now become paramount that designers think search engine optimisation during the process of development.

Search engine has now taken the reins from yellow pages and businesses who adopt proper search engine optimisation techniques in their websites are already reaping the fruits of increased search engine ranking.

This trend has led to the creation of search engine protocols and all the developments it has undergone in the last years to make it better and more reliable.