Responsive/Adaptive Web Design – What It Is, and Why It Is Needed?

Responsive/Adaptive Web Design – What It Is, and Why It Is Needed?

Have you faced a situation where your client asks that web site should open on mobile, Ipad and other gadgets without any problems? Almost every client will ask same in these days.

So is it needed to create website for every version for the devices available, its almost impossible to have so many websites, where agreed, we can say yes that mobile version is fine, but how to deal with other screen sizes. The answer is Responsive Web Design (RWD) which includes flexible layouts with % use of size specifications in fluid layout, CSS style sheets and responsive images size. These type of website when opened on different screen sizes, respond as per user device and screen adjustments.

Responsive web design is the need of the time, with so many type of surfing devices and you do not know in which device end user is browsing your website. With the increasing use of various types of gadgets like IPhone, I pads, Netbooks and Ipods, you can not afford to loss traffic coming from those users. If visitor find it impossible to retrieve information from your website, you not only loss the visitor, but it also results increased bounce rate and over all negative user experience.

Matt Cutts, recently published new video where he clearly mentioned how Google search engine take or counts user experience indirectly for search engine ranking of website.  Even Google wants to have your website user friendly and not old format website if you want to sustain search engine rankings for long time. Having responsive web site with great user experience not only provide you increased traffic, but also helps in SEO & search engine rankings. Google have been encouraging users to create responsive websites in past as well.

So are you looking to have your website redesigned or create new one, choose your web design company for responsive web site.