Top On-Page SEO Checklist You Must Know

Top On-Page SEO Checklist You Must Know

Search Engine Optimisation is an elementary part of the digital marketing strategy for any website. It is the ladder to achieve higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages of the search engines like Google, Bing. Moreover, SEO gives your business the power to stay a cut above your market rivals. Search Engine Optimisation is subdivided into two parts, one is the on-page SEO, while the other being the off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is a set of techniques, methods or tasks done at the backend of a site to not only ensure it adheres to search engine criteria for top spots on SERP but also user-friendly for your visitors/potential clients. Off-page SEO is the strategies implemented without making any changes to site design or structure to improve traffic.

Today, we’ll be talking about the on-page SEO checklist, so scroll down and have a look-

Identify & Fix the Duplicate Content

Nothing drowns a site faster than duplicate content web pages.  If your business has plag content, then the advanced search engine algorithm will catch it and hamper its rankings.  Even, if someone lands on your site, he/she is not likely to buy or bookmark your site since there is spammy content on your website.

Check the Navigation Tab

The navigation tab is a critical aspect of a site overall structure, Google prefers to give higher ratings to websites that have a proper navigable tab. Not just for the search engine, if your site has an easy-to-browse navigation system, then you can significantly improve your bounce rate and in turn, leads & sales.

A Responsive Design

With the number of smartphone visitors soaring at a spiking rate each passing year, today they have become so substantial that you just can’t ignore it. So, the need of the hour is to have a responsive site that works well on a multifold of devices. Did you know a recent report by Google revealed now more searches happen on the desktop rather than smartphones? If that to believe, you are missing out on sales daily, but not have a responsive site.

Keyword Research

The keywords are the search term or the query entered by an internet savvy individual on the search box to obtain information or to do shopping. Today, there are several tools that help you find out the exact set of keywords that have high traffic. You can also hire professional SEO consultants Essex for better help.

Meta Tags

The Meta tag defines the different pages of the website to the search engine Chatbots. Doing so can significantly boost your chances of grabbing the top SERP places.

Finding it complicated to follow the above-highlighted on-page SEO points, contact an SEO consultants Essex right away.