Know About Different Types Of Web Hosting Services Along With Its Pros And Cons

Know About Different Types Of Web Hosting Services Along With Its Pros And Cons

You might be looking to establish your website to some web hosting service and looking forward to choose the best or right type of web-hosting service for you. For that, you need to understand first about different types of these web-hosting services and other details like how they work and what are their pros and cons.

Different Types of Web Hosting services & Pros and Cons

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a basic kind of web hosting service which is perfect for entry-level website owners or new websites. Shared hosting is kind of web hosting where your website will be store on the same server along with other website stored. This means the shared hosting is a multiple website storage service co-exist in same server. The cost of shared hosting is comparatively low and affordable for entry-level websites. If you are small business owner or blogger, this type of web hosting is perfect for you.

Pros: The cost of the shared hosting service is budget-friendly and comfortable for aspiring website owners. There is very less to configure as it is already made setup occupying other multiple websites, so you can focus more on designing the website.

Cons: The biggest drawback about the shared hosting is multiple hosting of the websites on the same server which slows down the efficiency of the website and more loading speed.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A VPS Hosting service is more like dedicated server which sustain in a shared hosting setup. This type of hosting service is for the website owners need more control and efficiency but do not want to invest in dedicated server hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which provides the features inbetween shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Pros: VPS is much more reliable, efficient and stable than shared hosting where only 10-20 websites are shared in one server. VPS hosting are customizable to a certain level.

Cons:  VPS doesn’t have much of disadvantages considering the investment and feature. However, it does cost you more than the basic hosting services with only restricted level of premium hosting features compared to dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the best type of web hosting service which gives you the maximum control over your server as well as website. Your website will be getting a dedicated single server stored individually. You will be having full root, customization and admin access to your server where your website stored. If you are looking for a professional website configuration, Liquid Web is perfect web hosting company to approach for dedicated hosting.

Pros: There are no bad neighbour issues as your website will be stored on a single dedicated server. There will be less security risk, higher accessibility and efficiency. Dedicated hosting gives you the most flexibility and customization settings.

Cons:  The disadvantage of the dedicated hosting is the high cost it comes with. This kind of hosting require professional management and some additional costs as well.