What Makes A Link Building Strategy Successful?

What Makes A Link Building Strategy Successful?

Now we have heard so many SEOs out there talk about the importance of a diverse link building strategy time and time again. However, there is one myth that we would like to crush in our way to giving you our take on how you should diversify your link building as an SEO or webmaster.

Myth Buster

“One size does not fit all when it comes to link building”. This is complete BS. One size does not fit all for an overall SEO strategy, but when it comes to link building, you need to use the same tactics for every website. Of course, there are obviously slight adjustments you may need to make for link profiles that have been over optimised already, have too many contextual links or DoFollow links, but overall, your link building strategy, in the long run, is going to more of the same time and time again for every client.

Niche Relevant Link Building

Niche relevant link building is most certainly essential to the success of a link building campaigns, but also using cross niche link building strategies is also fine OK. All you need is a formula, let’s say no more than 30% of your monthly links built will be from websites in another niche. Make sure the content is a mix of different subjects too. Check out more about linkbuilding in a foreign language here.

Guest Post Links Versus Outreach

Guest posts are by and large the same as outreach links in many ways. It really depends on how you build the content. Now we can talk about standard guest post websites that you can easily get content placed on such as Medium, Quora, WN.com, and sites that cater for multiple languages and niches. These are often to referred to as guest post sites. On the other hand, outreach can a mix of using both guest post sites as well as having a guest post published on an official company website.

For instance, you may be outreaching to a plumbing website on behalf of a building contractor website. The plumbing website you target has a blog section with lots of useful posts. You can ask to publish a guest post on their blog about how important having a good plumbing contractor available is for the construction company. You can introduce the guest post in many different ways too.

Maybe it can be a guest post contributed by ‘Building Contractors Holland’ introducing their take on how important plumbers are to their trade. Alternatively, it could be a blog about plumbing that simply has a link back to the building contractors site mentioning that the plumbing contractor has experience working with building contractors – this is an advertisement that shows off the plumber skills and ability to work with a diverse range of businesses in the commercial sector.

Broken Link Building

This is a tactic that has a low success rate in terms of emails sent versus replies. The idea is that you find websites that have a broken link in their content and ask them if it would be OK to replace the URL with your URL. The one problem here is that most webmasters will take your advice but not contact you to let you know and just remove any reference to the link at all. Your best bet is to offer them a full on-page SEO audit for free if this is something you able to do.

Point out the broken link and say that in return you can let the webmaster know of any other broken links on the website that he/she should look at replacing. If the site has very good metrics and is worth your time, you could give them a couple of hours worth of on-page SEO for free in exchange for allowing you to place your link on their site.

Link Round-Up Websites

If you can build relationships with a website that provides link roundups, then you this can be a priceless tactic for your SEO. Effectively you are providing your website or client with links that are not from guest posts or blogs as such. This adds diversity to your link building. A great place to get link roundups in European languages is https://rankrebels.nl/.

Image Links and Infographics

To finish up, every link building strategy you have should include infographics and image link building. Now, this style of link building can be expensive. You need a designer for starters and you need to make sure you have the rights to use the image or infographic. This normally means using a designer and sometimes even a photographer in some cases. This way you can make sure you are not going to have your efforts punished by search engine copy write laws.

In this article, we have only touched on a few link building tactics that will help you build a successful campaign. There is generally no reason a website would need more or less of the other link building tactic unless you are tidying up an existing link profile that does not have enough image links or too many guest post links and so on. Once you have achieved your tidy up mission, every website will need the same diversity built into every link building strategy you use.