Why Your Latest SEO Push May Not Be Working Yet?

Why Your Latest SEO Push May Not Be Working Yet?

The process of SEO, shortened for Search Engine Optimization, increases the visibility of a certain web page or web content when users search for specific terms or services on search engine platforms. With Search Engine Optimization, a user optimizes their online content in such a way, using the good number of popular keywords, so that when the internet surfers search for certain topics, the results show their content on top of the page.

The working mechanism of SEO is quite complex, as it deals with different factors and involves long procedures for a website to appear on the top page. Many people who work on SEO, day in and day out, consider that the number of times a keyword is used on a specific page is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it generates. Sydney SEO specialist has listed a few factors for a page to gain good ranking in SEO:

  • Title Tag: The title tag must be engaging and eye-catching. The pages that consist of titles that are to-the-point, attract more reader as it is easier to understand.
  • Meta Description: Meta descriptions works like a summary of each part on your website page. Using a Meta description helps both the search engine and the readers visiting your page to understand what the webpage is about and if it would be helpful.
  • Sub-headings: The experts of SEO services in Sydney have found out that articles written with proper headings and subheadings appear to have more visitors than one with not following the procedure.
  • Internal Links: Articles written with proper subheadings and the ones that links to certain products or official pages gain more popularity.

Along with the insertion of proper keywords, keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors can help a webpage to be on the top page of a search engine results.

Reasons the Latest SEO Push May Not Be Working.

SEO specialist that deals with the process of SEO every day has put forth some reasons why the latest SEO push may not be working yet:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Using too many keywords unnecessarily is called keyword stuffing. This happens when too many keywords are used too often in a webpage, leading the search engine to skip those kinds of articles to consider for SEO ranking.
  • Tiny Text: Using small or invisible texts with a keyword can lead to SEO push not working as the SEO algorithm can still detect this and disqualify the article.
  • Page Redirects: This happens too often these days. When you click on a link of a webpage, it will redirect to a page, mostly to some advertisement that has nothing to do with the article.
  • Meta Tag Stuffing: Like keyword stuffing, users tend to use too many words in the Meta tag or use too many keywords in the Meta tag. The Meta tag stuffing, instead of helping to give an SEO push, might work as some bot command.

To get your web page on top of the search results, SEO services would be able to help you regarding the issue and stay on top of the game.