Bulk Gallery Submission Method To Monetize

Bulk Gallery Submission Method To Monetize

Getting clicked website visitors to your websites and get paid for it… Sounds like a dream to most webmasters. This startup company called b.eave.rs does just that by combining interstitial advertising in combination with their bulk gallery submission service.


Making money online and getting free website traffic? Tell me more!

B.eave.rs offers a service that most adult webmasters feel like they have been missing for years…

B.eave.rs is an url shortener (with interstitial ads) and bulk adult gallery submission service in one. For webmasters working in the adult niche, that is a perfect match. 

Monetizing free content pages like adult galleries, blog posts or tube videos by using url shorteners is a great way to monetize your websites. Most free content is hard to convert nowadays… By using an url shortening service or script, you’ll at least get paid for each visitor $$$ even if the visitor doesn’t convert to a paying (or buying) customer.

With B.eave.rs oldschool manually submitting gallery links is made easy by using one form to submit links in bulk!


Gallery submission is an old method of getting clicked and highly targeted website traffic, the downside is however, it is time consuming because it has to be done manually.

What makes b.eave.rs so awesome is the fact that with one single form and just a few clicks you can submit youradult gallery links to multiple high quality and high traffic adult websites all at once! Normally this is a time consuming progress (create an account for each website, add backlinks to each website etc) by adding gallery links one by one. This feature alone makes b.eave.rs one of the best new webmaster services since quite a while! Not to forget you’ll even earn from each visitor that clicks on your shortened link. Ka-ching!

Free traffic and cash? Sounds too good to be true …

But it isn’t and I’ll explain why, but first let me start by explaining what an url shortener exactly is…

Let’s say you have a page on your website: yourdomain.com/your-awesome-page-with-long-blog-post-title.html. By using an url shortening service, that long url to your page will be shortened to something like this: adf.ly/1juPOt.

Now when a visitor clicks on that shortened link, he gets to see an advertisment first before getting redirected to the destination page. It’s called an interstitial ad.

B.eave.rs shares the profit made from advertisers with you as user. So, sending traffic (website visitors) away from their websites (the ones you’ve submitted your gallery links to) to your links will also make them earn $$$. You and b.eave.rs both get to earn their part of the advertising revenue.

Need a bit more information on gallery submission? Well, here you go: 

Submitting adult galleries (also known as gallery dump) is a way to drive traffic to your website from another. These gallery dump websites offer an option for webmasters to simply submit and publish their links (most of the times, links to free content like galleries or videos) on their website. That way they get to keep their website updates on daily base with fresh new content and we as submitters get free visitors in return.

By using the new webmaster service provided by www.b.eave.rs you can shorten your gallery links, publish them to multiple high traffic adult image websites and start making extra lunch money right away and on daily base, because the links you’ve published will remain on these websites forever! B.eave.rs will make you get free life time traffic and life time earnings!

Don’t have any knowledge on html or php? No problem. You can even use their service without having your own website. You can shorten and dumpANY adult website page or link found on the internet and make a couple of extra bucks quickly!

The b.eave.rs service is so easy to easy that it only takes 3 steps.

Step 1: Signup for a free account any verify by email.

Step 2: Copy and paste an adult link (gallery or video page) in the shortening form.


Step 3: Click on the dump gallery now button, write a description, upload a preview image and press the publish button!


Voila! Your submitted link has been posted to multiple high quality adult websites… Now just be patient as the cash comes floating in! You should see results (read: visitors and cash) within a couple of minutes!

Sign up for a free account at www.b.eave.rs.