Inside The Kaleidoscope: Web Hosting 2014

Inside The Kaleidoscope: Web Hosting 2014

The onset of a new year often sets things in motion: businesses review performances and outputs; targets and goals are defined; previous year’s performance is evaluated, reviewed and trends are drawn on the same.

What’s trending is crucial for businesses to know. It helps in forecasting patterns that will either stay typically longer, and those that will wear and tear. Trending can have a huge impact in improving productivity and output.

It Isn’t A Crystal Ball!

If you think knowing what’s trending is somewhat like looking into a crystal ball, then wait – you have too high expectations! Trends might or might not be strictly followed, but can be opted for. By and large, they set things in motion and by doing so, benefit one and all. Acknowledging that all’s not black and white in any domain, in web hosting too, is the way to go. What might be insanely popular at one time might be among the lowest of ranks at another point in time.

Roll On, Cloud Computing!

At the cost of sounding incredibly repetitive, one can safely say that cloud computing is here to stay. Affordable web hosting companies have already started to provide low-cost cloud solutions to clients ranging from small to big. The varied value of cloud is being continuously unearthed. Cross-party data sharing and increase in effectiveness of sharing platforms has enabled smooth workflow around office spaces.

However, if there is one solid concern that might overshadow the advantages, it’ll be one related to security. Though it will be accepted and dealt with accordingly by more companies ready to embrace it.

At Your Service

If there is one thing you don’t want to breed in your business – it’s angry customers! Majority of customers switch hosts primarily due to poor experiences in service-handling. With comparatively better and faster grievances redressal, web hosting companies will be able to reach out to their customers via all possible means.  A McKinsey report stresses on the importance of sending emails to customers.

Worthy Reliability

While many complain it to be an overrated factor, we stick by the fact that it’s underrated. Reliability requires the web host to be absolutely responsible for the smooth functioning of a site. Uptime below 99% is unacceptable, as that means business will most definitely be down in the dumps. Increase in web technology and strong customer support can ensure reliability that will continue to show improvements this year.

Mobile-Cloud Apps

By all means, our fingertips will be the most taxed of all our muscles. As everything goes ‘mobile’, web hosts will encourage cloud and mobile apps. We can witness an exciting interplay of cloud services and features from various mobile devices. These will range from personal to business use. In terms of B2C (Business to Customer) models, these apps will exhibit large potential in terms of marketing.

Speeding Up

The pace of everything only goes up. Nothing in technology ever slows down and 2014 will only imply that the snail will finally catch up with the rabbit! It will also mean reaching out to customers at a speed that increases profitability. Speeding up loading times, connectivity and overall processes is vital to all business and will be a central focus this year.

Sunny Side Up!

Hence , it’s going to be an exciting year to witness – full of innovations, optimism, trust and great services. Downers cannot be ruled out, but will be worth understanding and learning lessons from. So, stand-by and cheer to the spirit of technology!