Promoting a Blog on Social Media: Basic Tips

Promoting a Blog on Social Media: Basic Tips

Social media promote your blog on social media? Do you want to that is that your blog will attract web traffic from social networks? Here are some simple basic tips on how to promote your blog on social media more widespread, that is on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Let’s first step back. The first thing you need to do is install the buttons on your blog to share your posts on social media. Choose to make available to the public at least your share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus For example, you can see that on my blog I chose to insert the button to share on Twitter, one of the Google Plus +1 that of the “Like” on Facebook. In addition, there is a button to share the post on a wide range of social media and social bookmarking sites. In short, the posts of my blog can be shared a bit ‘everywhere in the galaxy of social media.

Having the buttons on the blog for sharing on social media will allow your readers to share your post on their social profiles. In short: an important part of the work of sharing on social media will be made directly to your readers.

Should be noted however that users share and comment on your posts on their social profiles only if you have created quality content. To put it in other words: you will receive shares only if you have been able to create web content interesting, original and relevant to the interests of the users of your niche. It is not a novelty any web project that wants to go the distance must necessarily be built on quality content. A blog is no exception to the rule and, therefore, the most profitable investment you can do for your online diary is of great use to create web content for your industry. To acheive right contacts for your niche you must use blogger outreach tools that helps you to build successful influencer outreach campaigns.

That said, what are the basic tips to promote your blog on social media? First, let’s just consider the most used social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus course, you can promote your blog on other social media optimization, such as LinkedIn or Pinterest, but I will only consider the three most widely used tools .

The advice here below are the basis for the promotion of a blog on social media. If you want to explore the issues, for example, you can read my advice on how to build a Facebook profile and a LinkedIn profile that work. You will find that you can adapt straight with good results to a blog. But now we begin: let’s see what are the basic steps to promote your blog on social media most popular on the web.

Promoting a blog on social media: Facebook

social mediaIn First, to get the best results, you should create a fan page for your blog. Why talk about your blog in your profile is not as effective. So, you really need to create a fan page, that you have to make the protagonist blog. In fact, a fan page is really a terrific opportunity to give visibility to your work as a blogger and, therefore, to direct web traffic from social media to your online project.

Once you have created your fan page on Facebook, to start acquiring fans should proceed as follows:

Share on Facebook fan page every post you post on your blog. Share it in real time, that is: as soon as the post is published on the blog, post it on this social media.
In every post you share on Facebook add a custom comment. The comments added to custom post need to present more effectively what you choose to share. In addition, comments can help to stimulate the interaction of the readers of the fan page.
Carefully follow the conversations that are created on the fan page of the blog and participate in them, feeding them.

Promoting a blog on social media: Twitter

social mediaAnalogamente to what was done for the previous social media, on Twitter you will need to create a profile dedicated to your blog.

First, it is useful to become followers of users in your niche that are followed by many people. Become their followers will allow you to understand what publish the most influential people in your industry and how they interact with other users. Also, if your tweets are interesting and useful, it is likely that these users will themselves become influential your followers, retweet and do some of your shares. And this is certainly a very important thing for the authority of your blog and your.

This is also why social media apply the advice given by Facebook: just publish a post on your blog, share it on Twitter immediately. And you add a comment to the link of the post. Obviously there has to be a random comment, but a text that is capable at the same time to intrigue readers, and encourage the sharing and discussion on the theme launched by your post.

Other simple tips on how to share your posts on this social media? Use the hashtag in an intelligent way. For example, create a hashtag with the name of your blog (in my case would be: # comunicaresulweb). But even more effective is to put hashtag with targeted keywords in your tweets so users more easily find your content posted on Twtter. For example, here are some hashtag that might be useful for a blog like mine: # seo # Webwriting, # writing, # web marketing.

Promoting a blog on social media: Google Plus

social mediaI basic tips to promote your blog on Google Plus are not very different from those that can be given for other social media. Basically, it comes to sharing their own posts by adding them to a text commentary. As for Facebook and Twitter, this text must have several functions: intrigue the reader, push to leave a comment, let him share your content.

Even Google Plus the rule is to write your comment to this link also by using the keywords you used to optimize the post.

Then, just in analogy to that for Twitter, it is very important to follow on Google Plus most influential bloggers in your niche. Then, enter them in your circles, and hopes that they do the same with you!

From point out the fact that the presence of a blog on social media gives Google an advantage for the positioning of the blog itself in the SERPs of this search engine. In short, the promotion of your blog can not in any way apart from a presence on this social media!

Social media and blogging: some general tips

Finally, I would give any other advice preliminary, valid for any social media on which you have opened a dedicated profile to your blog.

Every so often, you can dredge up an old post and share again. On two conditions, however, that this is a quality post, and addresses topics that are still relevant today. These features are classic post of so-called “evergreen”, ie of those posts that are not closely linked to current. For example, are evergreen post content that explain how to do a certain thing (“How to promote your blog on social media”).

Share the posts of other bloggers also influential, especially when the web content in question are very useful and relevant topics dealing with in your blog.

Talk about your Twitter profile on your Facebook profile, and vice versa. In short: inform the person who follows you that your blog has multiple profiles on multiple social media.

Also, if you have a personal profile on one or more social media, do not forget to add (for example, in the section of personal information) the link of your blog!

Here, these are the tips on how to promote a blog about the most used social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share them? At the level of basic tips will, you feel to add something more? Leave a comment and explain what, in your opinion, the most immediate actions that can effectively promote a blog on social media!