How To Increase Facebook Page Likes The Easy Way

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes The Easy Way

You are in a situation where most of your Facebook friends have been ruling your Newsfeed with their island hopping pictures while you are doing your usual selfie. What do you see? Their posts are getting a thousand likes from Facebook friends while you are getting only a few. This is the usual case, especially if you don’t have many Facebook friends, or you are not posting more eye-catching thoughts. But here are five quick ways to increase Facebook page likes in a blink of an eye.

Include Content Enriched FB Tabs 

This is very critical in displaying certain content, not just on your Facebook page. The page should be content-enriched, and the good news is, you can make use of a website that helps you create beautiful content and heavy Facebook tabs. This is called Tint. You can include relevant and trending news in your Facebook tab and then share this with different communities, generating increased traffic. When people come across your Facebook page, the chance of increasing your page likes increases.

Post Images over Status Updates and Links 

Just like any search engine that prioritizes content with images, Facebook users also tend to focus more on the images compared to garrulous Facebook pages. If you want to increase Facebook page likes, you’ll have to dig more on what can be seen than what needs to be read. Strong and powerful image will certainly get you more likes compared to your routine morning selfie.

Post Facebook Ads 

This is probably the easiest way to increase Facebook page likes and more and more people are discovering this. There are some things to be considered when choosing to post ads on your Facebook page. You should closely monitor if the target audience suits to your ad. Is the Facebook ad congruent in the interest of my Facebook community? How about their gender? One downside of using Facebook ad is the fact that Facebook will be optimizing the price of every ad, which will, usually, be around 0.10 cents per click. There is also a series of bidding to adhere to when considering a Facebook ad.

Facebook Tools

There are certain tools that can be utilized to measure your Facebook post performance. Why are tools important? Because they help users analyze and track their social media marketing. So, does social media marketing help me increase Facebook page likes? Of course, it helps! You can take advantage of tools like Sprout social and Crowd booster. Using these tools allows you to determine the most appropriate time to post content and get more likes.

Building Facebook Communities 

This is a very simple method to increase your likes and fairly pretty thing to do. One reason you are not getting enough likes is because you don’t have that much friends. You can expand your social field by creating communities of users with the same interests and hobbies. You can invite friends to a contest or a campaign using an app called Short Stack. This is fairly an easy thing to do, and it’s fun too!